My desire is to complement the ministry of the local pastor – To raise my voice with yours to call the church into a deeper and purer relationship with the Lord Jesus.

I have had the privilege of serving the Lord as a pastor, a district presbyter and District Youth Ministries President. I understand what it is to pastor. I desire that the church see the pastor and evangelist working together as divinely appointed ministries to the church with the same passion and desire— To see God magnified within His body.

Bob Fisher

Ministry Emphesis

  • The Fullness of the Holy Spirit
  • The Power of Pentecost for witness and holy living
  • Divine Healing – prayer for those with physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
  • Prayer and Intercession -The Presence of the Lord
  • The Second Coming of the Lord
  • Revival
  • Repentance
  • The connection of the Old and New Testaments and the Hebrew foundations of our faith
  • Community Transformation

The Altar Service

The Altar service has always been a major part of my pastoral ministry as well as in our revival ministry. I believe the altar service is a time for people to respond to the ministry of the Word— A time to lay hands upon people and pray for them in a non-threatening manner. I do not want to try to manipulate God or His people but allow the Holy Spirit to work as only He can. I believe this is absolutely essential to genuinely meeting with the Lord.

Goals In Ministry

To see the salvation of souls, and to lead the church into a recovery of the power and purity of Pentecost.

To be a spark in helping to ignite the fires of revival throughout the church body. To this end the emphasis of the services are upon repentance, holiness, the fullness of the Spirit and intercessory prayer, divine healing and a recapturing of the gifts of the Spirit.


What Is The Style and Emphasis of Your Ministry?

It has always been the passion of my heart to see a genuine Pentecostal outpouring sweep through-out our churches and communities— to see the church recapture its’ Pentecostal heritage and be empowered to reach the lost. To this aim my preaching is focused to challenge, inspire and encourage the church to seek God for the divine enabling of the Spirit for holiness and service. I believe it is the divine birthright of every believer to experience an overflowing fullness of the Spirit of the Lord. My preaching is Biblically based, enthusiastic, practical and fervent. My sense of humor has a way of seeping into the messages and assists in keeping the peoples attention. I endeavor to be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading and to honor His agenda for each service.

–Prayer Emphasis
I believe that prayer is the most essential thing we can do in preparing for a move of God’s Spirit. I have observed that where churches are praying for God’s anointing to be poured out there is a greater sense of anticipation and faith during the services. Personally I would want to be at the church at least one hour prior to the service for prayer. I will encourage those who can to meet with me at least 30 minutes prior to service time to seek the Lord for the manifestation of His presence.

–Altar Emphasis
The focus of each service is the altar time. I believe that not only do we need the proclamation of the Word, but also the confirmation of His power. I expect to see souls saved, bodies healed, bondages broken and believers filled with the Holy Spirit.

What Are Your Financial Needs?

I have always made it a policy to come purely on a love offering basis and trust the Lord to use His people to meet our personal needs.

What Arrangements Need to Be Made for Meals and Lodging?

Being on the road so many weeks out of the year it is desirable, wherever possible to say in a motel. Privacy, study and prayer time are among some of the reasons. I understand this can be expensive and am certainly open to other options. If possible I prefer to eat my main meal early afternoon with a snack after the evening service. Whatever works best for you is fine. When staying in a private home it is most desirable to have a private bathroom.

Whenever possible I would prefer to eat my main meal early afternoon so that I can be at the church at least one hour before the service for prayer. I would love to have you join me for the prayer time if your family schedule permits.

Many pastors will met me for meals while others have me eat on my own and turn in receipts. I certainly enjoy eating with and having fellowship with the pastoral family. Any of these options are fine.

Do You Have a Book/Tape Table?

I do use a tape table which consists of my preaching CD’s. A table in the foyer would be appreciated. (The table would not need to be more than a 6 footer.) I do not talk about my CD’s or promote them during the service. If the pastor could mention that they are there that would be sufficient.