Reverened Terry Raburn – Superintendent Peninsular Florida District Council

“I am delighted to recommend and endorse the outstanding and effective evangelistic ministry of my friend, Bob Fisher. Bob and I were at Southeastern together, served as District Youth Directors during the same time and have worked in several national and district projects together. He is an anointed preacher of God’s Word, a talented evangelist and a man of character who always blesses those who hear him. He has helped many of our churches in Peninsular Florida and is welcome to return!”


Pastor Ralph Snook – Chestnut Assembly of God Vineland, New Jersey

“Evangelist Bob Fisher is a frequent guest speaker in our pulpit at Chestnut Assembly of God. Whether it is a single service or an extended time, he brings a timely message fresh from the altar of prayer. He always connects with the people and they love to hear when he’s returning. Having been a pastor himself, Bob is sensitive to the needs of the local church and understands the place of an evangelist. He is becoming a spiritual leader in this local church Body. In one of our services the Holy Spirit was stirring in a powerful way during worship. Bob clearly recognized the Lord’s presence and put his message aside to make room for the awesome move of God that followed throughout the rest of the night. With this ministry the focus is on what God is saying and doing and not all about Bob. That means a great deal to a local pastor. Bob’s message is clear and rich with truth that challenges and lifts up the congregation. He is insightful in his teaching and delivers truth in a powerful way. The people are right with him all the way and leave with a sense they have heard from the Lord.


Reverend Carl Colletti – Superintendent New Jersey District Council

“It is he who gave . . . some to be evangelists . . .” Ephesians 4:11 “Yes! From Pentecost, right through to the end times, the evangelist is God’s gift to the Church. I’ve know Bob Fisher for more than 35 years. We worked together as neighboring pastors; our young people were blessed by his ministry as the NJ District Youth Director; he was faithful as a Church Planter and now . . . a full-time itinerant evangelist. Through all phases of his ministry we have observed the gifts and signs of the evangelist. Passionate about preaching and in love with the altar, Bob’s sense of humor and appreciation for pastors will endear him to all who share the pulpit with him. I doubt you’ll regret a visit from Evangelist Bob Fisher. However . . . you might regret neglecting this gift to your Church. My advice? Try him . . . you’ll like him!”


Pastor Gregg Johnson – The Mission Church – Holmes, New York

“Without hesitation, I recommend the ministry of Bob Fisher. Our church was truly refreshed as he preached sound doctrine and true Pentecost without sensation or manipulation. Bob’s passionate challenges together with his wholesome sense of humor stirred both young and old and kept them coming back for more. Every night, the altars were filled with souls crying out to God—the youth were especially impacted by his ministry. If you are looking for a revival with integrity and genuine Holy Ghost anointing, then give Bob Fisher a call!”


Pastor Mike Modica – First Assembly of God – Deland, Florida

“I am writing you in regard to the ministry and character of Bob Fisher. The ministry part is full of the anointing of the Holy Spirit and biblical depth. The character part is just as important to me. To have gifting and the fruit of the Spirit makes me feel safe on behalf of the name and reputation of our Lord Jesus and the protection of the people we serve. The purpose of this letter is to confirm that the work of an evangelist is still pertinent to the life of the Church. To have an evangelist who turns the hearts of the people to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Presence of God, and the vision of the local Church is paramount. Feel free to call me if you would like to know more about his ministry. Our Church has been blessed and refreshed greatly as a result of special services multiple times a year. I recommend Evangelist Bob Fisher to you not only because of the above, but also because he has a reviving and relevant message for every type person who would attend your Church.”


Pastor Joe Green – City Light Church – Binghamton, New York

“Our church was so blessed to have Bob Fisher with us for 3 days of conference. He taught and preached on the Jewish feasts and festivals and their connectedness to the times of the Messiah; His birth, death, resurrection, rapture of the church, second coming and millennial reign. There were so many insightful truths that our people were hanging on every word. Truly a blessing! Its not easy to get people to come out in the evenings for services but for this conference there were more people the last night than the first! That’s a great sign.”


Reverend Bob Wise – Superintendent Southern New England District

“To my colleagues in ministry, it is a joy to recommend the ministry of Bob Fisher. He has ministered in a number of our Southern New England churches, including Brockton, Ma. where I pastored prior to coming into the district office. His depth and balance in the scriptures and passion around the altar brings strength to each church where he ministers. He is easy to work with and has a unique ability to pick up the pastor’s concerns for his congregation and community. His ministry attacks the “IF” factor of 2 Chronicles 7:14 and will leave your people with a desire to seek the face of God……not just his hand!”


Pastor Michael J. Washburn – Full Life Assembly of God – Fremont, Nebraska

“I am writing in reference to the ministry of Evangelist Bob Fisher. I am excited at what God is doing through his ministry. Bob has ministered at our church two years in a row. Both series of meetings had a powerful impact on our congregation. We had tremendous altar times with MANY receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. God has put his hand upon Bob as a revivalist. I believe that you would be thrilled to have Bob in your church.”


Pastor Dick Jackson – Highway Assembly of God – Fredericksburg, Virginia

“Evangelist Bob Fisher was a wonderful blessing to our church. My staff and I had heard him previously at campmeeting and were unanimous in wanting to have him minister at our church. We were not disappointed. Bob has a fresh approach to the Scriptures that captured our congregation’s attention and brought them back service after service. He has an anointed ministry at the altars and our altar services were one of the highlights of the week. After the revival people were still talking about the services and asking when he was coming back. I highly recommend Bob’s ministry and believe you cannot go wrong in inviting him to your church.”


Pastor James Gauldin – Living Waters Assembly of God – Spring Lake, North Carolina

“We have had the pleasure of having Rev. Bob Fisher for revival services on two separate occa- sionshere at our church, Living Water Assembly of God in Spring Lake, NC. In each revival Brother Fisher was greatly used to impact our church. His ministry was well received by our congregation. I have found this evangelist to be genuine, well versed in the Bible and able to communicate the truths to our people in such a manner that the church could respond to. His insights into the Jewish festivals and powerful presentations on the baptism of the Holy Spirit have changed our church.

At a time that it seems that it is difficult to get people to come out for special services, we found that the people were hungry for God and were willing to make sacrifices to be a part of what God was doing. In retrospect the problem of getting people to come out for revival services was more my problem than it ever was for the church. When they realized that God was working in our midst, our people came and responded. I, therefore, would encourage churches to have at least a series of three services with this evangelist. Brother Bob Fisher is an evangelist that is not simply trying to preach the perfect message, but is rather preaching powerfully what God directs and then leaving ample room for the Holy Spirit to work in and through the church. Our altars were full in each service of people seeking after God and the center of attention was not on the evangelist but on God the Holy Spirit working in our midst.

I heartedly recommend this ministry to all and will gladly answer any questions that you may have about our experience with this man of God.”


Pastor Brian Donnachie – Living Hope Worship Center -Swedesboro, New Jersey

“It is with great urgency that I highly recommend Bob Fisher to you and your congregation. I have not seen such a wonderful, Pentecostal revival in over twenty years! A great and unusual anointing rested upon Bob as he brought forth the Word of God with power and authority. I deeply appreciated the depth and sound theology of the messages. The altar times were extraordinary. Undeniable signs and wonders were taking place …”

Pastor Michael Amico – Ohio Valley Worship Center – Wheeling, West Virginia

“We had an amazing Fall Revival Crusade with Evangelist Bob Fisher! During the Crusade we saw 16 first time conversions and many refilled, renewed and refreshed by the awesome presence and power of the Holy Spirit. Evangelist Fisher has a tremendous gift of engaging people and then dynamically communicating BIBLICALLY-BALANCED TRUTH. He has an amazing knowledge of God’s Word along with a knowledge of Bible traditions, festivals and customs which further enhances his ministry. In each service God’s Word was central and the altar, prayer and seeking God were strongly encouraged…and our people responded every night. We experienced great times of just “pressing into God”. I highly recommend the ministry of Evangelist Bob Fisher!”

Pastor Matt Pottiger Full Gospel Church – Wall, New Jersey

“In the nearly 20 years that I have know Bob I have been encourage in seeing his passion for Jesus continually growing, even at times when mine was not. Each and every time our paths of faith have intersected I have found him to be advancing “in favor with God and with men.” He has navigated waters of change and renewal in ways that give me strength to pastor my congregation to see perpetual renewal bring us into the FULLNESS of the Spirit. In keeping the passion of Pentecost relevant for our generation, Bob is an evangelist/teacher/prophet with the compassion of a pastor and the vision of an apostle.