Bob Fisher Revival Ministries

Thank you for visiting our ministry web site today. The revival ministry of Evangelist Bob Fisher is committed to seeing souls come to know Jesus and to see the power of Holy Spirit moving in the lives of God’s people. It is this outpouring that equips the Church for victorious living and for effectiveness in ministry for our Lord Jesus. God is still visiting His church in reviving power as His people wait upon Him.

Throughout history, the church has been revived and enlarged through outpourings of the Spirit. Jonathan Edwards, a leader in the First Great Awakening, writes: “It may be observed that, from the fall of man to our day, the work of redemption in its effect has mainly been carried on by remarkable outpourings of the Spirit of God . . . at special seasons of mercy.” Without periodic, extraordinary visitations of God, the church inevitably degenerates. God established seasons for Israel as times to come near to Him in repentance and worship. These seasons of refreshing brought renewal and life to the people of God.

We are now scheduling revival services for 2020. We would love to come and be with you this coming year for revival services.


In addition to revival services we have the joy of conducting The Appointed Times of the Messiah Conferences”  in numerous churches throughout the country. In this four session conference we study the Appointed Feasts of the Lord and see God’s unfolding plan for the ages and how the Feasts reveal Jesus the Messiah. We would love the opportunity of sharing this conference with your church family.